The students’ affairs department has seven wardens apart from the chief Warden/Dean of students. The Dean of students’ main duty is basically a supervisory one. The wardens are the foot soldiers who accommodate students, distribute tissues, floor polish and toilet cleaner. The dean, works hand in glove with the admin whose responsibility is purchasing of students’ provision timeously.

The dean also recommends to the administration, areas at students’ residency that need improvement in order to cater for students’ welfare and to make students’ stay in college comfortable. In addition, the dean of students makes sure that the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is in place and each new SRC is inducted. SRC members are also helped by the Dean of students to come up with their constitution which is reviewed when it is necessary.

The team of wardens works together for the benefit of students. Wardens are responsible for tasting the meals at the students’ dining hall and make comments on the quality of the served meal. If there are any problems with the meal, then the chief caterer will be notified for improvement of meals served to students. There is a college clinic manned by a college nurse, Sister S Mangwiro.  There is also a visiting doctor who comes to college once a week to attend to cases referred by the nurse.

Chief Warden
Ms Lucy Mutembwa
Mr. Tadzingwa P.
Mr. Juma J.
Mr. Gurajena G.
Ms. Mujana T.
Ms. Mangwiro V.