Department of Science Subjects

The department’s mission is to produce primary school teachers who are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) compliant and who can teach Science subjects and Mathematics in ways that generate new ideas, problem solving skills and apply knowledge as required by the government’s thrust of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative. Through the teaching of science subjects, the department is skewed to the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development (MHTESTD)’s contemporary philosophy code named 5.0 which emphasises that our graduate teachers should be innovative and capable of producing relevant good and services to cater for our country’s much needed industrial growth and development. The department is currently made up of the following three sections;

1.Information and Communication Technology (ICT) section
2.Mathematics section
-Mathematics Academic study/Main subject
-Mathematics Professional Studies Syllabus B (PSB)
3.Science section
-Geography & Environmental Studies Academic study/Main subject
-Agriculture Professional Studies Syllabus B (PSB)
-Science and Technology Professional Studies Syllabus B (PSB)


LIC - Science Subjects
Mr. Kasiyabvumba W.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Head of Subject
Mr. Chifwafwa A.
Mr. Nyakudya M.
Mr. Kasiyabvumba W.
Science & Technology, Geography & Agriculture
Head of Learning Area
Mr. Juma J.
Mr. Musonza J.
Mr. Bamusi E.
Mrs. Mtetwa T.B.
Head of Department Science & Technology
Mrs Rachel Bamusi