The library is located at the south end of the campus after the lecture halls. Its location is ideal for students since it is a short walk away from the lecture halls.

It has a catalogue of books on a number of subjects. This includes books on educational foundations and different subject areas taught at primary school. With a dedicated staff it is easy to peruse the catalogue of available information.

Included in the library are a number of computers which can be used by the students to type and research. The computers are connected to the Internet and this allows students to research from the Internet.

There are CCTV cameras available in the library for security. Positioned strategically throughout the entire library they grant visibility to all areas of the library.

Acting Librarian
Eversmiling Mutengwa
Library Assistant
Ms. C Mandizadza
Library Assistant
Ms. B Chakanyuka

Client Services Section

  • Show your college identity (ID) card on entry into the library.
  • You are responsible for the safety and condition of all items/books borrowed.
  • Know the date when the borrowed items/books should be returned.
  • You must return all items/books borrowed on or before the due date or if asked to do so.
  • You must not lend your college ID to any other person.
  • Report lost items/books or I.D to the library.
  • You must not deface, mutilate or damage any library items/books.
  • You should not make noise in the library.
  • You must not smoke, eat or drink in the library.
  • You should leave your bags, personal books and other belongings (except mobile phones and laptops) in the baggage area.
  • The library will not be responsible for the loss of the library user’s belongings.
  • Always switch off your cell phones (or put it on silence mode) before you enter the library. If your cell phone rings in the library, you will be penalised.
  • Do not bring into the library weapons, firearms, explosives or pet animals.
  • You will be denied access into the library if you are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Hoarding – You are not allowed to take more than one book from the shelves for reading in the library.
  • Users are expected to be sufficiently familiar with the library computer operations to avoid damage to the equipment.
  • Users are required to register before use of computers.
  • Users are allowed to use the computer for a time allocated by the Librarian.
  • The library will not take reservation for individual computer use and access is on a first come first served basis.
  • Use of flash disks or floppy disks is prohibited.
  • Watching pornographic material and any illicit social media is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not install or uninstall programs on computers.
  • Do not play games and music.
  • Do not fix any device on the computer and do not download files to the hard drive.
  • The library reserves the right to reschedule workstations for other purposes.
  • Do not send a job for a printing unless authorised by the librarian.

Academic staff shall be entitled to borrow not more than 3 books for 7 days. All borrowed resources shall be returned by the end of the loan period. All items may be subject to recall by the librarian. Staff who fails to return borrowed items on time shall accrue overdue fines.

The bulk of the library’s book stocks are on the open shelves. Reference books such as dictionaries, almanacs and encyclopaedia are for use in the library and may not be borrowed.

Library users stand to benefit from the library’s automation programme which includes computerized processing of library materials and have access to the Internet and electronic databases.

The library is increasingly making electronic information databases available to the academic community through subscription. Currently, the library has access to thousands of electronic journals and eBooks. Most of these e-databases are multidisciplinary in nature.

When accessing electronic information databases on your laptop from anywhere within campus, users do not need login as they are authenticated by the college Wi-Fi Internet gateway.

The library offers various training sessions to staff members and students. All first year students are required to undergo registration and Information literacy (ILS) training.

Photocopying and printing services are offered in the library. The copyright Act Intellectual Property Act must be observed. You are allowed to print search results on our networked printers. However, pay first before printing.

User Category Open Shelf Material Loan Period Overdue Penalty
Academic staff 3 books 2 weeks $ 1 ,00 per day
Non-Academic Staff 2 books 7 days $ 1,00 per day
Students 3 books 7 days $ 1,00 per day
Library Staff 3 books 14 days $ 1,00 per day

Library users shall be allowed to borrow library resources using the online system as outlined below.

  • Each new student or staff enrolling at the College shall be required to register with the library by presenting a valid Madziwa Teachers College Identity card and by completing a library registration form.
  • Each student may borrow 2 books for 7 days.