Department of Human Resources


Academic is usually recruited on a first degree basis, on technical areas would require professional teaching qualifications.

Professional administrative staff and the professional non-administrative staff i.e Administration/Accounting and Human Resources department.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is through PSC and may involve getting candidates available on PSC recruitment agency database or advertising through national newspapers.

Human Resources department is involved in selection/staffing where we do hiring and employee selection, job analysis and job description. We also do placements: placing the right people in the right job i.e on job training, public service training courses. Selection is done through interviews and successful candidates are placed on the basis of meritocrasy. The SSB is where appointees are put in the right post, salary, grade and appropriate condition of service.


This also involves the giving of incentives i.e profit sharing, overtime and boonus.

Training and Development

We do conduct pre-employment training, on the job training of staff by way of discussions, lecturers; focus on discussion and group presentation. Workshops and seminars and on job training were we are involved in instructional systems in relation to students on attachment. Our training and development involves on job training as well as institutional or higher training.

The objective of training and development is to ensure empowerment, capacity building and motivation towards higher productivity levels. As well as preparation for criticcal future responsibilities.

Perfomance Management

Appraisers and appraisees sign their agreed perfomance targets, make periodic reviews through the year and evaluate their actual perfomance at the end of the perfomance cycle.

We also do perfomance appraisals were we formulate supervisor guides on performance and oversee the whole appraisal process.

Occupational Health and Safety

The department carries out mandatory training to educate and protect employees against potential hazards. Through awareness campaigns, health and life skills we also formulate safety and health policies in conjunction with ministry policies.

Industrial Relations

We provide advisory services to industrial relations issues. In addition we provide support services to line departments and act as a link between management and staff.

Human Resources Planning

This involves resource forecasting with the main objective of having the right skills and the right number of people at the right jobs at the right time. It is derived from the college strategic plans. HRP also involves doing succession planning to ensure continuity of operation. HRP is derived from the college strategic plans. This is in conjunction with the government authorised establishment.

Staff Welfare

This is the establishment of recreational facilities, and we offer assistance in times of staff sickness and bereavement also ease discomfort. Offer social support.


We deal with disciplinary matters. The objective of maintaining discipline is to ensure orderly conduct, educate, correct, reprimand, or even punish undesired behaviours where necessary.

Head of Department Human Resources
Mr Nathan Winini
Human Resources Officer
Mr. Garaba J.
Records and Information Assistant
Mr. Million A.
Records and Information Assistant
Ms. Masiyakurima T. M.